happy birthday!!!

dear monica i hope you have a fantastic day, im so glad to be your friend. ill forever be grateful for those two dead 90s boys that brought us together- youre the dylan to my eric. you deserve the world, and i hope that you dont only have a fantastic day today but for the rest of your life. i hope that one day we develop time travel and go back on our awesome lads trip.


uhhh hehehh anyway, i hope you know how beautiful and amazing you are. if you ever need anything, anything at all ill always be here for you! people in this world fucking suck and well they can be such cunts (we know who im talking about but im also being general) but im here for you always, anything you need im here alright. stupid people dont deserve your friendship- i cant believe she thinks she can fix this, i hate her!!! uh anyway, this is basically just me ranting at this point im sorry but yes, im here for you always.

i wish you the best of luck with your future books- as you are well aware im totally in love with all your books, they are amazing and ill never stop letting you know that. you have every right to go around flaunting your books and ideas and whatnot- because they are all amazing. NOTE! i wrote this before all the shit went down, i hope you know that i support you, i wish that those fucking people never exsisted so you never had to do all this, im so so fucking sorry, karma is healthy- they shall get whats coming to them. keep yourself safe, please for me- please i believe in you, just know that im always here, always. please stay safe.

but yes i hope you enjoy this little gift- i know its not a lot but i do hope you like it :) and i hope you have had and continue to have amazing birthdays! love from mai~